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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q - What permits do I need for my project?

A - Each township has their own requirements for permits, but universally "for the most part" is that you need to get a Zoning Permit / Land Use Permit, Building Permit, Property Improvement Permit Depending on your project, others may apply.

Q - How much will the permit cost?

A - The cost of permits is based on the project scope, size of project and cost of building.

Q - What permits do I need to post on site?

A - You will need Zoning and / or Land Use Permits from your township and a Property Improvement Permit from the county.

For opt-in townships you will need a Building Permit from your township.

For opt-out townships you will need a Building Permit from a third-party agency.

Q - What do I need for a Plan Review?

A - Floor Plans (Include measurements, room designation, and window and door sizes), Cross section (if you cut house in half, how it will be constructed from roof to footers), additional permits required by your township.

Sample plan review

Q - What do I need to submit for a commercial project?

  • Three sets of signed and sealed PA Engineered prints.
  • Building Permit Application
  • UCC State Checklist to ensure all components are submitted... Refer to state website for reference.

Q - Do you do home inspections?

A - A Home Inspector is different than a Building Inspector, which requires different state certification. We are Building Inspectors who inspect new construction, structure or egress changes, etc. We are therefore unable to do home inspections (Example: Existing conditions for home sale, etc.)